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CXL3300 Conveyor

CXL3300 Conveyor

Whether its used in conjunction with our mixers ,filling skips, emptying cellars or just transporting material from a to b the CLX3500 is the tool for the job.


Motor 240V: 0,55 kW
Belt speed: 0,32m/s
Max aftTraction: 200kg
Belt length: 330cm
Length total: 34cm
Belt width: 360cm
Total width : 45,5cm
Height: 22,5cm
Weight : 70kg


A Baron CXL-conveyor can be used for all types of application areas from rough demolition, concrete and soil transport
High durability and stability
Superior pulling power
Easy to clean and maintain
Heavy duty PVC-belt
Easy adjustment of the belt
Superior quality and finish
Closed side profile
High user security
IP67 on all electrical parts
Endures high pressure cleaning
All electrical parts are built in and well protected
Fork lift openings
Fully extruded aluminium side profile
Low weight
Good stackability
Long life time
Easy and quick to maintain
Can be used for a wide range of application areas
Wide and sturdy hopper for better efficiency
Low maintenance costs
Accessories for CXL-Line: Undercarriage, Hopper, CE-extension cable, repair-kit for PVC belt