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About Baron

The Company

Baron is a dynamic and innovative company and is the market leader in forced action mixers and conveyors. We design, manufacture, and market our products to the highest quality standards to ensure they will provide our customers with many years of reliable and efficient service.

The Products

Baron products are developed in close co-operation between our engineers, designers and our customers. We source our raw materials and components from only the best suppliers and use the latest and most reliable motors. Strong emphasis is placed on health and safety, quality and durability, ergonomics and user friendliness.

Safety Notice

For improved safety, we have redesigned the lids and also fitted an additional bolt to secure the discharge chute on our M – series mixers (contact us if you would like to discuss fitting these to older units). Always make sure the discharge chute is properly secured before using the machine and do not attempt to push your fingers through the lid apertures or discharge chute while the machine is running as this could lead to injury.

The vision

Baron maintains a policy of ongoing and continual improvement to our products. Listening closely to the requirements of our customers and the ever changing demands of the marketplace, we look to ensure that our products are always at the forefront of our industry.